Better Screens Can Provide Security And Storm Protection

People can purchase security screens that will protect them from storm damage and add security to their homes. High-quality TAPCO Security Screens can look very much like regular screens with high visibility and elegance, yet provide a high degree of safety for the homeowner. The high-quality steel mesh with an aluminum frame creates a strong barrier for the home. A trusted local dealer can install these protective screens on any house and any size windows. The screens are valuable protection for commercial windows as well.

Why Purchase Security Screens?

Why spend the extra money for security screens when a house already has screens? The standard screens are not as strong or secure as these security screens. They keep out bugs and small animals but not heavy wind and storm events or a determined burglar. When a homeowner is worried about home security and rising crime rates, they need a way to be safer. What if neighbors have been broken into? What if storms are more frequent and can damage regular windows?

No one wants to resort to the old wrought iron bars on windows and doors. They are too obvious and what if there is a fire and people need to exit the windows? These heavier duty screens can be installed by professionals so that they provide the optimum of security, yet can be opened from the inside to exit the home in case of fire. They are stronger and more able to withstand the storm events that may occur around the area the home is located in.

Will They Fit A Home’s Odd Size Windows?

As with other screens, these stronger security screens can be custom made to fit odd size or shape windows. A local distributor representative can come to the home or commercial building to measure windows and give the owner an estimate for the cost. The local distributor will order all the security screens and have professional installers put them in. When properly installed, these screens don’t look much different than lesser screens but they withstand attempts to cut through them or remove them. When storms come, these screens protect the windows and home from damage. For more information, go to the website.