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Basic Wedding Sparkler Facts and Tips for a Bright and Memorable Wedding

Typical weddings start with having the wedding ceremony at the church or location of your dreams and then going back to your bridal vehicle towards your wedding reception. Come the wedding reception, it will be one night filled with celebratory music, romance, and some dancing the night away. After all the fun and good times with family and friends, the bride and groom must now head out to their bridal car and go to their honeymoon destination; and lighting up their path using wedding sparklers is one bright idea of sending them off.

Until this day, this is the perfect wedding setup more and more people are making out when it comes to their wedding. By adding some wedding sparklers, there is no doubt that you can make your wedding exit more sparkling and memorable and be the best that it can be.

For a lot of weddings, these wedding sparklers have become a staple. If you have plans of incorporating these sparklers for your wedding, there are some things you ought to know. When it comes to wedding sparklers, first things first, they are not the ones that come in regular sizes. When it comes to the length of your wedding sparklers, it must be 36 inches. They must be this long so that they can remain burning for a good four minutes max. This length also makes more room for the bride and groom. For safety purposes, make sure to get them with metal cores. Avoid using bamboo sparklers because they usually disintegrate into smaller hot fragments that can burn up easily. The most ideal number of wedding sparklers should be 24, where you divide theme equally on each side.

After buying your wedding sparklers, there are some things you must take note of to ensure that you are prepared to use them. You have to make sure to always have buckets of water ready for getting rid of the flames once you are done using them. Do not forget to also prepare your own first aid kits.

You have to tell everyone what your plan is before you light your wedding sparklers up. Only proceed when during the practice all goes well, and do not forget that upon practice, you need not light everything up. You must make sure to tell the bride and groom the tunnel you have prepared for them. Also, arrange the guests for them to not be close enough. Enough distance ensures the safety of your groom and bride as well the guests that they will not be burned by these wedding sparklers. Now have all wedding sparklers lit! Have this magical moment captured by the photographer of the wedding. When the right timing is achieved, you can get the best results out of them.

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